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ACHASM Summit "A big success!"

The Annual ACHASM Summit took place in October this year. It was very well attended and, from all accounts, thoroughly enjoyed by all participants. 

The wide range of topics meant that there was something of interest for all participants.  A very big thank you to all of our guest speakers & to our main sponsor, PERI. without whom the 2 days could not have been as successful as what they were. 

From discovering hidden talents (thank-you Louis for all your IT support!), to hearing about all of the latest happenings in our Guest Speakers' areas of expertise, the 2 days proved to be an invaluable learning experience. 

PPE, leadership,  the SACPCMP, pre & post mortems,  ethics, risk assessments, temporary works and negotiations! Whew...the first day was crammed full of relevant topics; Some good to and fro between delegates and speakers kept everyone on their toes!

Day two proved to be just as worthwhile. Professor Smallwood & Dr. Deacon provided delegates with a number of invaluable tools to assist them when Designing for Construction H&S. 

During the Temporary Works Design workshop, ran by Richard Beneke, delegates discovered that it's not as easy as it looks to build a stable scaffold! My table's sad attempt to build a model scaffold was quickly designated "unfit for Use" - In fact, if you see me anywhere near a scaffold, be afraid, be very afraid! 

A very big Thank You needs to be given to all of the delegates who attended and participated. The unwavering enthusiasm, passion and interest for the 2 days was amazing to experience.

Hope to see you all next year....

As promised, here is a link to some of the Guest Speakers' presentations:


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